I participated in a Hackathon

Tech Stack Tech stack used: Supabase, Next.js and Shadcn/UI, My first hackathon!

I recently participated in a Supabase Hackathon, forming a team with people from other countries, one from Bangladesh and the other person from Brazil, obviously using English for communication on Discord.

The Hackathon thematic was free, the only main rule is to use Supabase for any feature, like authentication, as a PostgreSQL database or using vectors for AI, with 10 days to build a product using any technology and upload it in a GitHub repository.

We developed an e-commerce app with a Walmart products model, implementing vectors for better search results.

Using Supabase we implemented auth and protected routes so the user needs to log in to see recommendations and more.

The user can add products to the shopping cart and check their items for saved it and see recommendations and which items are frequently bought.

My main role was focused on creating the UI using the Next.js 13 app router, protecting routes only for authenticated users, and create reusable components such as product cards, and of course, making the layout responsive for mobile and desktop.

We used Shadcn/UI as those components are already implemented functionalities with accessibility like modals or sidebars, like the sidebar that appears when you’re on a mobile device and open the button in the header, with a smooth animation.

We submitted the project on time and waiting for the results, and this is my first time participating in a Hackathon, I really enjoy it and hope to continue contributing to the project on GitHub.

It's amazing work with people from other countries, using English even if is not our native language, but with a purpose in common, create a great product.

I’ll keep looking to participate in more Hackathons in the future and contribute to open source projects on Github because I really enjoy the feeling of developing something big with more people.

I learned too much in these few days, like integrating Next.js with Supabase for authentication and protected routes, using the Supabase docs as a guide, and using it for the first time Shadcn/UI, and looking forward to keep using it.

It took me so long to participate in a Hackathon, as before I hesitated about my experience, but the reality is we’ll never be ready for new challenges because if you’re already ready it means that’s too late.

I want to learn more about using vectors for AI, so I’ll investigate more about the topic, as the tech tends to go that way, who knows what would be the next big tech trend or when.

You can see the project: Grocewise here

Posted: August 16, 2023