Peddler App

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The idea

You hear the ice cream man in his truck, you try to catch him, but the guy is already far away.

Why not get a notification on your phone when the ice cream man is near you? So you can just tap the notification and request the ice cream man to go to your location.

That's the purpose of this app.

Overwhelming for me

I'd never developed a big app just by myself, but I want to try and see what happens.

I want to follow the Indie Hacker way, sharing in public the progress, and getting feedback from the community.

This post is the first step before designing in Figma or even creating the landing page, so I want to hear if you're interested, why you're not, or what would be great for the app.

Starting small

I really want to start small, launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), with the next features:

Of course, customers would change notifications settings and more, but that's the core idea.

For the MVP I don't want to implement in-app payments, but of course, it could be a future feature.

Posted: November 12, 2023